Feel like a failure when choosing a Pizza over Broccoli?

October 10, 2022

You may feel like a failure for not being able to make “simple, obvious decisions”—like choosing a roasted chicken salad over a Big Mac and fries. Simply knowing what to eat doesn’t always make the difference when wanting to improve your health and lifestyle choices.

How we can help? 

1. Help you understand it’s not “all your fault.”

Yes, there’s individual responsibility involved in changing how we eat, move, and live.

At a certain point, you do have to make the decision to do things differently: work out when you would normally watch TV, add a side of veggies to dinner, get that extra hour of sleep you really need.

But the idea that a person’s size is only about those individual decisions is far too simplistic.

You can really benefit from understanding this. It can chip away at a dangerous myth that holds you back: That not having the body or health they want comes down to making logical, straightforward choices.

As coaches , we help you see that the food and lifestyle choices often aren’t straightforward.

This can uncover what’s really influencing your eating patterns. Or what we like to call “the problem behind your problem.”

2. We use the goals, skills, practices, actions framework.

This framework is how we break down big health goals into smaller, more manageable chunks.

It allows you to focus on actions you can successfully practice—instead of giving you a strict set of rules to follow. Just as important, it takes into account your unique challenges, preferences, and lifestyles.

So it meets every person where they’re at, and naturally helps unroot what’s standing in your way.

Get in Touch.

If you want to understand more on how this all works or if you see that having the support of a coach who understands where you are at and is able to walk you through each step, give us a call and book in for a conversation to discuss what you need and how we can help.

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