July 25, 2019 Sporting

Plettenberg Bay Physiotherapist and Ultra Distance Runner Andrew Jansen Van Rensburg, accompanied by Rhys Foster (Ultra Distance athlete and legend of the paddling world having completed 20 non stop Duzi’s) will be running the entire length of the Wild Coast. We would like to undertake this challenge of 330km and try help out the community along the way…..

The Wild Coast Crossing – we are super excited about this massive challenge that will hopefully uplift the Pondoland community in association with Pillars of Hope, Wild Child Africa and The Pondo Trail.

What: we will be running from Port Edward to the Great Kei – the Transkei, over 4.5 days and covering approximately 330km of the most amazing coastline.

When: we start our run midday on the 1st August 2019 and plan to finish 5 August 2019

Why: we love this area, it’s people, the coastline and the culture. We would like to not only leave our footprints along the coastline,  but to also leave it a better place by:
0.      refurbishing and equipping 2 local schools / crèches in Msikaba and Manteku (educating = empowering )
0.      Empowering locals to do the work (employment)
0.      Creating awareness of this amazing trail and area we love, so that it can be protected from some of the crazy planned roads and mining that would make this area into just another developed coast at the long term detriment of the locals, the environment and the sustainability of area. (Environment and Sustainability)

How can you help: we are raising funds through Pillars of Hope to start delivering on the above. All money raised goes directly to the work and material needed. All contributions will receive a Section18A tax certificate.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world “ – Nelson Mandela

Contact us should you want to make a contribution



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