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You are what you eat

Are you feeling sluggish? Slow? Low energy? Always tired? Fat and fed up?

What is your goal? Are you training for weight loss, are you training for muscle gain, are you training for performance? When is the best time to train? Are you training in the morning or the evening? When do I eat? Before training or after training? What do I eat? Before training, after training?

How do I fuel myself effectively throughout the day so that I am able to perform at my best throughout the day with energy and vitality?

There is such a wealth of information out there today, it is difficult to decide which diet is best, which fitness fad gives the best results.

Whether you are a busy mom, office executive, work outdoors, or an athlete, these are just some of the questions we deal with daily.

Our approach to nutrition is not based on any fad, but tried and tested healthy ways of eating that establish healthy habits for the long term.

We focus on you as an individual, transforming your relationship to food and how you fuel yourself.

The process and journey you’ll embark with your Nutrition Coach will be include the following:

  1. Medical and lifestyle questionnaire
  2. Body assessment
  3. Goal setting
  4. Food diary / log book
  5. Food / meal plan
  6. Regular catch-up sessions to measure your results, progress and discuss any hurdles.

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Type of service
Nutrition Coaching
Cost of service
Starting from R500.00

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