Tanya Smith

Passion is not only the rhythm to which I choreograph the dance of life, but it is the driving force behind this wonderful career journey I am on.

I developed a tremendous passion for biomechanics – the way and the why behind the body’s movement – and adolescents. As a result I find great joy in working with orthopaedic (joint related) injuries, sport injuries, adolescents and developing sportsmen and –women, irrespective of experience or age. If you partake regularly, competing or not, you are an athlete. Over and above my love for my job, I also enjoy the outdoors and all things natural. Technology has some perks. Load shedding might be one of the best things that have happened to our relationships. My family and friends are the most precious things I have. I take time to indulge in good wine and succulent food. Pastries are my Achilles heel. A hard workout is the best medicine for a bad mood. Spending time in Mother Nature gives your brain space to breathe. I am inspired by people who step up to the plate and beat the odds. I value knowledge and books. I have a special place for silver-haired adults, as they have the best advice for most things in life. Above all, I am extremely passionate about the people that come into my practice: the history, the injuries and the goals that come with them.

My passion for biomechanics has carefully been nurtured from a young age. I come from a strong sporting background which started while I was still at school with dancing, acrobatics, hockey, netball and athletics. It led to many achievements including becoming a seven-time top five long jumper at national level. Later in life, while attending university, I added swimming and triathlon to the mix. Today, I try my hand at mountain biking under the watchful eye of my very skilled husband.

This passion was later enhanced by gaining knowledge in my field of interest and started when I studied human movement science through the North West University where I went on the complete an Honours degree in biokinetics in 2011. I completed my internship year at a private practice in Port Elizabeth during 2012 and continued a Master’s degree in philosophy in biokinetics through the University of Cape Town. This consisted of coursework and an in-depth focus on orthopaedic and sport injuries and rehabilitation. I used running injuries among recreational runners as a subject of focus for my minor dissertation.


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The word of mouth

It doesn’t really matter what we say about it, the test of our service comes from the mouth of our clients.

I’ve always had issues with my left shoulder and remember having pain and discomfort probably from as early as high school. It became a real hindrance while exercising when I realised I was unable to do certain things my body was designed to do. I was referred to Tarryn by Donald for an assessment and rehabilitation. It turns out that Tarryn has a great interest and knowledge about the shoulder and got to work on me straight away.

Because my shoulder has been an issue for so long, she had her work cut out for her, but she took it in her stride. She was incredible and I am happy to report that the improvement has been tremendous. I can do shoulder work without even noticing any discomfort and I’m truly thankful that I found her. I highly recommend her!


Around 2004 I was in terrible pain with my back. I had prolapsed discs in L5 and L5 and had been advised to have an op. A friend of mine introduced me to Donald whom, apart from a few years in the UK, has looked after me ever since. I never had the op and I have played Polo and Golf ever since. Trust me he is the best.


I’m not a gym person, but I decided to go to Plett Sports Clinic and see if they could help with my general fitness and specifically my hip problems. I met Donald and embarked on a course that has lasted a couple of years. I remember saying to Donald I don’t know much about muscles and the anatomy, his reply was “that was his job and not to worry’. Donald is a true professional and knows his job inside out. Being an SA Olympian, his whole life seems to be about fitness and more particularly, treating sports and general troubles that the body gets along the way.


+27 (0) 44 533 0155

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